Fortemasso: as strong (“Forte”) as its home soil, Monforte d’Alba, and as solid as the rock (“masso”) that dominates the highest point of its vineyards.
 Setting new standards for Barolo wine since 2013.

The region

The Langhe region has always been renowned for the quality of its grape varieties and the time-honored traditions which result in unique, unmistakable wines for the world to enjoy. At the heart of this extraordinary region, which received the designation of UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2014, lies the Barolo wine production area.

Monforte d’Alba.

Monforte d’Alba

The Winery

A modern facility that operates in accordance with tradition.
Fortemasso winery lies in Castelletto, in the municipality of Monforte d’Alba in the heart of the Langhe region.